Cream Patisserie Cake Carrier

from World Market

Cream Patisserie Cake Carrier

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Our Cream Patisserie Cake Carrier goes anywhere you go this holiday season. It holds up to a 10" diameter cake or a batch of cupcakes. It also includes a separate top section for a pie, mini cupcakes or serving utensils. Its vintage-inspired look and cream color will look wonderfully festive at any holiday party or seasonal gathering. Use the sturdy fasten-on handles for safe and easy toting while keeping your baked treats safely contained.

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  • super cute and vintage.
    332 days ago
  • Cream Patisserie Cake Carrier
    356 days ago
  • Nice for Arica
    358 days ago
  • Love the color combo: Retro fresh!
    367 days ago
  • so cute!
    367 days ago
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