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Kristen Stewart Cut Off Her Hair And It Looks Pretty Great Actually

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You just never know when Kristen Stewart is going to show up and amaze you. We were only mildly surprised to see her at the Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris, since she does rep the brand and whatnot. We're wondering what uncle Karl thinks of her new super-short hair?

Personally, we love it. Kristen has a great face shape for a short cut, and those fiery orange strands don't hurt either. Wisely, she played up the hair color by muting the rest of her look with white-on-white. In sheer pants (yes sheer pants) and a crop top, Kristen Stewart looked sartorially current and chic, while maintaining that "I might not want to be here" moodiness she pulls off so well. Honey, it's Chanel. You want to be there.

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