Keep is revolutionizing the way stylish women discover and buy trending products across the entire web.

Keep is the place to discover and buy the latest trends in fashion, home decor, accessories and design. Keep’s community unites the best products from across all e-commerce into a beautiful showcase of trending, unique and frankly, fabulous finds.

With the Keep OneCart — the first and only multi-store, web-wide shopping cart — we make shopping dangerously easy! Buy items you discover on Keep — or from any store on the Internet — with Keep's OneCart. When you enter your personal information once, you never need to again, on any site, ever! Buy any products from any store, anywhere, all in one order. Really!

Keep: Curated by tastemakers. Beautifully presented. Immediately shoppable. Totally addictive.

Our members say:

Corri McFadden
"Keep is one of the most beautiful and easy to navigate shopping sites online. I am truly thankful to be a Keeper."

Corri McFadden

Amri Kibbler
"I see things on Keep I would never have come across that someone else has discovered, and I can buy them all the time, at home, in a cab, even in bed."

Amri Kibbler

Chassity Evans
"Keep not only helps me organize all my favorite things, but also keeps me up to date on what my favorite tastemakers are looking at too."

Chassity Evans

Hillary Rushford
"The aesthetic of Keep and the quality of the Keepers I follow, mean every time I pop on I'm finding delicious gems for myself, my clients, my blog, my followers."

Hillary Rushford

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Our Team

We're comprised of the most talented and passionate people in the world. When we're not working, we're shopping. Which we call working.

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A great company starts with a great culture.

Consumers always come first.

  • We operate as an "upside-down pyramid": customers first, those who directly engage with customers second, management last.
  • We respect individual privacy and aim to give consumers greater control of their web experiences.
  • We embrace community, with users in control.

We maximize value to our partners.

  • We love brands, products and services!
  • We partner with brands to help them succeed on the web.
  • But user experience trumps money every time.

We operate with the highest integrity.

  • We are straight shooters and demand integrity in principle and practice.
  • We don't tolerate politics.
  • We admit and confront our mistakes ... and learn from them.

We are adaptive, flexible and nimble.

  • We race towards opportunity. We spin on a dime.
  • We move at Internet speed — ahead of the crowd.
  • Jobs can change at any time.

We are adoptive, embracing good ideas from all sources.

  • We embrace diversity in perspective, viewpoint, thinking and actions.
  • All ideas are welcome and appreciated.

We encourage teamwork, risk-taking, creativity, and speed-to-market

  • Teamwork makes better products, but can slow things down.
  • So, we encourage single ownership, creativity, risk and speed.

We value input (& push-back), not consensus.

  • We value everyone's opinions but recognize the power of crisp and quick decisions.
  • Decision-owners must solicit input, welcome push-back, and ultimately make the call and execute.

We are strategically focused.

  • Our work is market focused.
  • We build and evolve world-class products.
  • Our offerings will be powerful, relevant, scalable and low friction.

We only want to work with the best people, those who are prepared to work harder than the competition.

  • We are positive in our outlook and behavior.
  • We will compensate better.
  • We will have more fun.
  • We will sprint a marathon and win our races.
  • We will succeed together.

We exist to build long-term value for our investors.

  • Everyone who works here is an owner.


Keep is supported by leading venture capital investors.

  • Lerer Ventures
  • David Cowan
  • First Round Capital
  • Spark
  • True Ventures
  • Oak Investment Partners
  • Betaworks
  • The New York Times Company
  • DCM
  • Scott Kurnit
  • Stan Shuman

Our board of directors:

Scott Kurnit
Scott Kurnit
Chairman, Founder & CEO of Keep; Founder of
Fred Harman
Fred Harman
Managing Partner of Oak Investment Partners.
Jon Callaghan
Jon Callaghan
Founder, True Ventures; Former AOL Greenhouse, CMGI
Ron Unterman
Ron Unterman
Scientist, former Managing Director of the Slater Technology Fund, former Director of


Want to re-invent e-commerce with us? We're looking for the best (and only the best) to join our team.

We're hiring:

Job Title Department Location
iOS Engineer Engineering New York, NY
Senior Engineer — Backend Engineering New York, NY
Senior Engineer — Crawling & Categorization Engineering New York, NY
Senior Engineer — Frontend Engineering New York, NY
Design Intern (Paid) Design New York, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

About Keep

Keep is the place to discover and buy the latest trends in fashion, home decor, accessories and design. Keep’s community unites the best products from across all e-commerce into a beautiful showcase of trending, unique and frankly, fabulous finds.

With the Keep OneCart — the first and only multi-store, web-wide shopping cart — we make shopping dangerously easy! Buy items you discover on Keep, or from any store on the Internet, with Keep's OneCart. When you enter your personal information once, you never need to again, on any site, ever! Buy any products from any store, anywhere, all in one order. Really!

Keep: Curated by tastemakers. Beautifully presented. Immediately shoppable. Totally addictive.

Getting started on Keep

First things first, sign up for free by clicking the Sign Up link on the homepage of, or download the highly rated Keep Shopping app in the App Store or the Play Store. Please upload a photo of yourself, or an image that will represent you, and include some descriptive copy about yourself and/or your style. You may include links to your site or blog if you'd like.

Browse the amazing products you see on Keep. When you see something you like, you can buy it, or Keep it for later, or you can see who Kept it and explore more of their Keeps.

Following people you find on Keep will create a custom experience tailored to your style. Under MyFeed, you'll see just the Keeps from people you follow.

You can post amazing products you find on retail sites across the web using the Keep It button on the web, or the “globe” icon in your profile in the app. You can create wishlists for yourself (hint, hint, honey…) or gift lists for others. Or, start putting together that dream living room or rockstar date-night outfit.

How do price alerts work?

Amazing products are even more appealing when they're on sale! When you Keep an item, we Keep an eye on it for you, and when the price drops, we send you a notification. All your Keeps that have had price reductions are available for you to see at any time. You're welcome.

I own a store and want to showcase my products on Keep. Can I do that?

Absolutely! Please review information for stores here.

How do you decide who to feature as Suggested Keepers?

Keepers who consistently Keep amazing products that are in stock and in style, and who've built up a robust set of Keeps for their followers to enjoy, make great Suggested Keepers. If you'd like to be a Suggested Keeper, shoot us a note at Or, send cupcakes to our office. Kidding. Kinda.

Can I be a Guest Stylist?

See above. The cupcake part. Haha. Email and let’s chat.

How does shopping work on Keep?

Our goal is to make online shopping easier than ever. Simply click "Add To Cart" on the items you want, and then "Place Order" from the cart, and that's it.

We'll place the order for you, manage any shipping or payment issues, and make sure the product is on its way to you within minutes. We'll also help with returns if you need help. And get this — you can buy from multiple retailers in OneCart! (kinda why we named it Keep OneCart … we're good, eh?)

How do I earn KeepCash?

It's simple - every purchase on Keep earns you 3% KeepCash on your order subtotal and excludes shipping, handling, tax and any applicable discounts. KeepCash will be waiting for you in your cart, ready to use against your next order with Keep. Ha - and all this time, you thought shopping costs you money, when really, here at Keep, it earns you money!

KeepCash is for use on purchases through Keep, and not redeemable for currency.

What's the benefit of buying on Keep?

You no longer have to manage dozens of retail accounts, including passwords, credit card inputs, security concerns, and billing/shipping address forms.

Keep is your "one-stop checkout" for any and all products across the web that you want to buy. Simply enter your payment and shipping details in the Keep app once, then shop the web with reckless abandon from that point on, clicking only "Add To Cart" and "Place Order" to complete your transactions. Shop the web, (including Keep), putting items into your cart, and then checkout at once from multiple retailers … on Keep. Wow.

What happens once I place my order?

Keep fulfills your order, managing every step of the way to make shopping easier for you.

If we have questions for you before we finalize the purchase, we'll email you and then place the order with your answer.

If the product is no longer available at that retailer, we'll try to find it at another, at the same or lesser price. If it's not available anywhere, we'll (sadly) let you know, and suggest some other items like it for you to consider.

How do I return or exchange an item?

At Keep, you can be sure of absolute shopping satisfaction guaranteed!

If for any reason you aren't thrilled with your purchase, you can return it for refund or exchange within 30 days of receipt. Simply follow the instructions in the package, OR, contact the GoGetters at for a helping hand.

Unfortunately, some products cannot be returned, and while that's a bummer, it's usually for good reason. You know the ones … things like personalized/custom products, furniture, many digital items, undergarments, bathing suits, hair accessories and items marked “final sale” at checkout.

How do I know I'm getting the best price?

The Keep Shopping guarantee:

We get you the best price for products and shipping available on the retailer's site.

We work hard to find the best price for you! Any offer the retailer is promoting on their site will be passed onto you. We know that if you find products you love at prices you can be psyched about, then buy them easily with our amazingly simple checkout process, you'll shop Keep forever. That's our goal! If you happen to find a better price on a product you're buying from Keep, by all means, let us know, and we'll get it for you at the lower price.

And, if you have a promo code you want used for the purchase, please enter that in the "promo code" field when you checkout.

How do I use a promo code?

Simply enter your promo code in the "promo code" field at checkout. If the code is still valid, we will apply it to your order.

The Keep GoGetters will always enter promo codes for retailers when they are provided — but Keep cannot guarantee the validity and/or eligibility of codes provided.

How do you calculate shipping & tax fees?

We only charge you what the retailer charges for both shipping and tax.

When you place your order with Keep, you'll see an estimate for the shipping and tax fees. When we process your order, we get the final shipping fee from the retailer and tax fee based on your shipping address. If the confirmed shipping & tax fees makes your total order cost come in higher than you'd confirmed, we notify you and get your approval to go ahead before placing the order. If the total order amount is less than you'd confirmed, we place the order, and notify you that we've saved you some money.

Rest assured you will never be charged more than the amount you see when you hit "Checkout" without us confirming and getting your "OK" first.

Do you handle international orders?

Keep can manage the buying process for stores across the globe that ship to the United States. Unfortunately, we don't yet have the ability to place orders for delivery outside the United States. We're working to build that functionality! Merci pour votre patience.

Of course, items that have to travel across the globe to get to you take additional time. When a retailer far, far away estimates shipping to be greater than 15 business days from the date of your order, we’ll notify you at checkout so you’re forewarned there might be a delay.

At what point is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is charged once the order is placed with the retailer. And by the way, our trustworthy and capable customer service team doesn't actually ever see your credit card information. It gets encrypted by our payments partner, Braintree Payment Solutions; a Validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service provider, which means — the highest level of security there is.

Can I shop until I drop with Keep?

Sure thing! Our customer service team manages your orders from 8am-2am eastern time, Mondays through Fridays, and 10am-6pm on weekends.

Even if you shop on Keep at 4am, we'll be there first thing the next morning to place the order when the retailer's ready to take it!

Can I cancel or change my order once it's been placed?

Change your mind? No problem. But sooner is better if you must be fickle. If the order hasn't shipped yet, we'll deal with the retailer, and refund the charges on your card right away. If the order has already shipped, we'll send you return instructions from the retailer, and refund your charges once the item is back in their warehouse. To cancel or change your order at any time, contact Keep at

What happens to my credit card information?

The first time you make a purchase on Keep, you enter your credit card and billing/shipping information. You never have to do it again! THAT's the magic of our amazingly simple OneCart checkout process! You can literally buy anything on the web without the hassle of digits, toggles or the many interesting questions retailers add into the mix!

The Keep Shopping team, though reliable, trustworthy, and working hard for you, never sees your credit card number. It immediately gets encrypted and stored at our payment partner, Braintree Payment Solutions; a Validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service provider, which means — the highest level of security there is.

Of course, you can decide to change or add a credit card, or change or add a shipping address anytime.

Any more Q's? Just contact us any time at

Stores on Keep

Keep is reinventing the way stylish women discover and buy trending products across the entire web.

Shoppers on Keep enjoy the most stylish array of trending merchandise available on the web and the convenience of concierge shopping. Our shoppers consistently rate us tops in customer satisfaction.

Here are tips for stores that want to engage with the Keep community.


Look Your Best

Make sure your products are on Keep!

  • Sign up at and create a free account. Use the Keep It button to add products from your store into Keep. Please be sure to review our guidelines for store postings on Keep.
  • Let your shoppers do the Keeping for you. When you feature the Keep Button for store pages on your product detail pages, shoppers can post directly from your site into Keep.

Get Product Exposure Throughout Keep Without Lifting A Finger

Let your shoppers bring your products into Keep, exposing them to shoppers on our platform without any effort on your part. Add the Keep Button to your product detail pages today.


Let's Shop Together!

When you integrate with Keep’s OneCart checkout system, you get real-time visibility into Keep orders, and seamless order management that serves our mutual customers well. Email to connect our systems.


Partner With Keep

If you have an affiliate program, let’s do business together! Keep will drive sales of your products and share promotional opportunities to delight our shopaholic audience with your merchandise. Please email with details on your affiliate program.

Keep’s affiliate partners can participate in programs designed to gain additional exposure and sales to the Keep audience of shopping enthusiasts.

Examples include:

  • Weekly Giveaways
  • Instagram Promotions
  • Guest Stylist Curations
  • Exclusive Merchandise
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Partners are whitelisted for inclusion in marketing curations

Guidelines for store postings on Keep

Stores that meet the following guidelines will have visibility to the Keep community in areas such as Trending, Search Results, and Recommendations:

  • Products are purchasable from the store online.
  • Accurate product prices are listed in US Dollars.
  • Products are presented in a simple, clean layout, befitting the Keep aesthetic. We will not showcase Keeps that feature multiple images per Keep, logos, discount markings, promotional text.
  • Contact information for the store, including a physical company address and phone number, is visible on your site.
  • The store has a reputation for providing good customer service and for shipping in a timely manner.
  • The store is not selling "fakes," defined as presenting merchandise as recognizable brands when they're not truly manufactured by the brand itself.
  • Various members of the Keep community other than the store employees are Keeping items from the store into Keep.
  • The store's items are frequently Liked, Kept and Bought by the Keep community at large.
  • The store's merchandise fits the aesthetic created on Keep to delight our audience of stylish women.

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