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Enamelware Ladle - Kaufmann Mercantile Store


Made from metal and coated in porcelain enamel, this ladle is made to last forever, and look good for just as long. With a perfect half-sphere bowl and a long handle that ends in a practical hook, it's nice enough to serve with on the table, or be a workhorse in the kitchen. Made by a company that specializes in enameling everything from these sweet kitchen tools, to road signs and industrial machine parts, this ladle will never let you down, even if you leave it in the pot boiling for hours with the stew. It will even stay looking shiny and new forever.

The ladle is made from natural raw materials, and will never giving off even a hint of metal or leak some poisonous chemical into your food, like BPA from plastic (they’re even safe for those allergic to nickel). They repel bacteria, are scratch resistant, won’t break or chip unless you repeatedly and aggressively slam one against a stone counter (please don’t do that).

The ladles are available in black or white. The white one also comes with the Enamelware Kitchen Set, which comes with the white colander and the slotted ladle.

The ladles are made in Austria by a company that's been around since 1550; they turned their focus to making porcelain enamelware some 80 years ago. The porcelain enamel coating is from glass, a potassium compound and a metal oxide. Forged at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, they boil together and form this nonporous, smooth and hard-as-nails enamel with a naturally glossy finish.

Safe in the dishwasher, and the good news for those who hate doing dishes (assuming that's not all of us), is that the enamel is so smooth and nonporous that it cleans fast and easy, just the way we like it. It doesn't hold onto the flavor of a meal from yesteryear either, so no scrubbing needed.

Only natural, abundantly available raw materials are used for enameling the ladles (namely: glass, a potassium compound and metal oxide).

To carry out the high-heat enameling, the Austrian company went 100% green. The ladles are made at 1500 degrees so that's quite a commitment. They built three of their own hydroelectric power stations that allow them to use only green electricity. This saves 4,600 tons of carbon dioxide and 3.6 tons of sulfur oxide and sulfur dioxide from ever being made and released into our air. The construction of their drying and burning facilities allows them to use and reuse the heat they generate for three different purposes.

Although you'll never want to throw one away, it's nice to know that, they're 100% recyclable.
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