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Enamelware Lunch Container Oval


Sturdy, infinitely reusable porcelain enamel container made from natural raw materials. Compact with a tight-fitting lid and stainless steel clamp. Made in Austria. Also available in round.

Despite a sweet-sounding name, porcelain enamel is the marriage of glass and steel. It doesn’t break, is extremely scratch resistant, and made from natural raw materials. It is highly heat resistant, and is so sturdy, they use it to make the road signs in sea salt-whipped Italian towns. This enamel container seals up tight with a stainless steel clasp to keep your food nice and safe, and a rubber seal keeps soups and sauces from leaking. Food can be heated inside the container on any stove top. Porcelain enamel won’t affect the flavor of your food, and even the richest oils can be fully washed off the surface, so it doesn’t retain the smells of meals long past.

The surface doesn’t harbor bacteria like a crack in ceramic, and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals to leech like BPA in plastic.

The company that makes these containers has been specializing in porcelain enamel for over 80 years, but started in 1550 (that’s 461 years ago, if you don’t have a calculator handy) as a pan-making firm. Despite being very old, the company strives to produce their enamelware with a minimum of energy waste. They have their own hydroelectric power stations, reuse generated heat three times over, and are working toward fuel oil-independence.

The smooth white finish — like a perfect puddle of milk — stays looking new and unblemished for decades. The compact oval shape slips nicely into a bag.

Food can be heated on any stove top (electric, gas or induction). Open the lid first.

Porcelain enamel is the coating around a core of metal, so don't put this container in the microwave. If you've heated it on the stove, be sure to let it cool before submerging it in water — a sudden change in temperature could cause the metal to warp. This is sturdy, but not invincible. Dropping porcelain enamelware onto a stone floor can cause chips in the enamel.

This container is dishwasher safe, but is also easy to clean by hand. If there's food stuck on the bottom, soak it with a bit of hot water and dish soap. If a stubborn food particle still remains, fear not the brillo pad because porcelain enamel is scratch resistant.

This container is safe for those with a nickel allergy.
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