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A Definitive Ranking Of 20 Chick Flicks To Watch In Your Sweats

A Definitive Ranking Of 20 Chick Flicks To Watch In Your Sweats

Christmas is over, your family is bugging you, and your pants still don't fit but you don't feel like schlepping to the gym because...your diet starts tomorrow. It's cool, we're in the same boat. What will you do with this time off you ask? Watch super sappy chick flicks of course! It's really the only solution. Here are our top 15:

  • 20) It's not actually a "chick flick," but all the dudes are so hot, it basically is. Top Gun just made the list because if you haven't seen need to.

  • 19) For all the times you've wished a boy would throw rocks at your window or raise a boombox over his head, Say Anything is the reason you wish that. If you haven't seen it, you really need to pick up a copy as soon as you finish this article.

  • 18) Because it's a classic, don't skip out on When Harry Met Sally!!

  • 17) If you're literally the last person in the world who hasn't seen it, we heard The Notebook is pretty good. Ya know, if you like people kissing in the rain and stuff.

  • 16) Who doesn't love a good dance movie/rom com/teen dramady? Little known classic Center Stage has all of the above, plus a script so bad, it's actually good.

  • 15) Like we said, who doesn't love a good dance movie/rom com/teen dramedy? As long as you don't put Baby in a corner, Dirty Dancing is for you.

  • 14) Alright, Alright, Alright. Let's get some Matthew McConaughey up in this list. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days became a classic when it hit theaters...right?

  • 13) Magic Mike features Channing Tatum stripping for most of the movie...need we say more?

  • 12) What would a Chick Flick list be without your classic Hugh Grant based movie? Are you ready for the bench everyone wants to be proposed to on? Don't miss Notting Hill.

  • 11) Possibly the most contrived plot in the world, but too darn cute to not make the list, The Holiday features one of those classic AirBNB style house switcheroos that lead to both home owners finding true love.

  • 10) The classic cry-your-eyes-out-literally movie on everyone's list. One Day is sad AF, but Anne Hathaway's horrendous English accent makes it so worth it. Don't say we didn't warn you.

  • 9) TBT remember AOL? Dial up? LOLZ You've Got Mail is the reason we don't understand why Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks would ever do a movie without each other.

  • 8) No seriously. We can't get enough of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. If they leave you wanting more, grab a copy of Sleepless In Seattle.

  • 7) Grab your girlfriends, Sex & The City is all about the clothes. So obviously we're obsessed. Bonus points if you watch the sequel and the series.

  • 6) 10 Things I Hate About You brought us our #1 Aussie. RIP Heath. We still miss you.

  • 5) We're getting to the big ones now. Pretty Woman makes us seriously long for our own Edward Lewis. Don't think too hard about it though...eventually it will get weird.

  • 4) So two kids kill all the popular girls at their high school. The Heathers is a Mean Girls/Carrie hybrid and one of Christian Slater's better movies. If you haven't seen it yet, get on it.

  • 3) Bridget Jones Diary aka the movie that says out loud everything you are thinking. Plus Hugh Grant.

  • 2) Love Actually. Duh.

  • 1) And the most quotable chick flick? Mean Girls. We have this one memorized. Seriously. We can just swing by and recite the movie for you if necessary.

  • BONUS: Still looking for something to watch? We heard girls are into The Twilight Saga. There's like, shiny vampires and stuff. Bonus points if you can get through all three movies without clawing your eyes out. #teamjacob.

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