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Shocked But Not Shocked: Hipster Beard Transplants

Shocked But Not Shocked: Hipster Beard Transplants

Calling all PBR drinking, flannel wearing (but not washing), kale eating Brooklynite men! Is your face feeling a little chilly? Suffering from Peter Pan smooth chin syndrome? Don't worry there's now a doctor for that. Just shell out $3,000-$7,000 and the perfectly placed (literally) hipster beard could be yours.

Procedure: The doc takes some hair from the top of your head and implants it onto your chin. Wait, you're balding and want to preserve the illusion of having any hair at all? That's okay, chest hair works just as well. The whole process takes about eight hours and the idea is that once the implants fall out the root of the hair will grow the beard back in naturally.

We're wondering if anyone has actually tried it yet? If you have please let us know, we're dying to make fun of you we mean talk to you.

Read more at Refinery29.

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