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Top 10 Carrie Bradshaw Quotes. Happy Birthday SJP!

Top 10 Carrie Bradshaw Quotes. Happy Birthday SJP!

Today we wish a very happy birthday to Sarah Jessica Parker, our fearless leader. her birth brought about the existence of Carrie Bradshaw, and that, dear friends, is something to celebrate. Let us just say that narrowing the best Carrie quotes down to 10 was something of a challenge, to put it mildly. Tweet your favorites to @Keep, we know there are plenty.

1) "Why is it always something?"

2) "A squirrel is just a rat in a cuter outfit."

3) "I thought these were an urban shoe myth!"

4) "Cleavage is big here. It's part of the regional charm."

5) "Here lies Carrie. She had two loves and lots o' shoes."

6) "I'm drunk. I'm drunk at Vogue"

7) "I'm homeless! I'm gonna be a bag lady! A Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady!"

8) "Well when you're tired you take a napa you don't move to Napa."

9) "You can stay here with your boxes of shit and your shoe-eating dog, and knock yourself out putting on the Rogaine and the speedstick!"

10) "Hello lover" [as said to shoe]

And one more, for the road:

Carrie: "Do you know that there are no available men out there?" Miranda: "We're at my date's yes."

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