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What? No! Why? The Olsens Endorse Socks & Sandals

What? No! Why? The Olsens Endorse Socks & Sandals

We know there's a lot of fabric happening here, but look south of it. Look at their FEET. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen who cannot even use travelling as an excuse, traipsed through an airport wearing...[gasps for air] socks and sandals! [Screams, runs, hides under table.]

I'm sorry, what? These twin champions of fashion are both committing a Wintour-sanctioned sin and they're doing it in exactly the same way. We can't. We literally cannot. All the travel-appropriate shoe options available in the world--nay, in their closets, and this is what they both came up with at the same time? Here's hoping it's some kind of sick joke.

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