Rocktape Knee Caps - Red


Rocktape Knee Caps - Red


Rocktape Knee Caps are knee compression sleeves designed specifically for the functional movements of weightlifting--where lateral stability is critical. Use these during squats, dead lifts, or any other movement that places stress on the knee.

Extended higher on the leg than most athletic knee sleeves, Rocktape Knee Caps effectively compress the vastus medialis (a part of the quad muscle critical to knee extension) just above the patella. This design, combined with heat-sealing seams, ensures optimal tracking, contouring, and blood flow. A four-way Lyrca liner is also included for greater comfort and breathability.


Sold as a Pair
SBR Neoprene construction
Generation III design with double Mouser stitches for extra durability
Added height for VMO support
4-way Lycra liner
Thickness: 5mm or 7mm
12-month warranty