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Swimming Pool Alarm-Alarms-More to Explore
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The Swimming Pool Alarm is the only wrist-worn safety product that gives immediate alerts if the wearer touches water. Considering that children and pets can drown is as few as 2 inches of water, this device can literally be a lifesaver. If the wristband touches water, a loud alarm automatically sounds up to 200 feet away. Parents can quickly respond to the emergency and save their child or family member from injury or death.

Most swimming pool alarms must be turned on and off manually when swimmers use the pool. And those devices don't monitor lakes, kiddie pools, your neighbor's pool or inflatable pools. This body-worn device is the only pool alarm that offers continuous protection to the wearer. If an alarm attached to a pool is inactive, a non-swimmer could still fall in and no one would know it. The Swimming Pool Alarm lets parents and family members tag a specific non-swimmer or pet that may fall into any body of water.
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